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The Cove
Asheville, NC
Living Waters Ministry
Hiddenite, NC
The Cove
Asheville, NC
Living Waters Ministry
Hiddenite, NC

The War Within

Ever find yourself post-military asking any of these questions:

  • Why am I so easy to anger?
  • Why am I not affected by death?
  • Why do I have to put so much effort into loving my family? 

This retreat is where the Exodus journey begins. We will help you find the “why” of these issues. This 3 day retreat, in a safe atmosphere, with other soldiers, is designed for you to walk out and through a new door of discovery. A discovery into who you are and who you are designed to be. 

Restoring the Family

Once you complete “The War Within” you can attend the next step in your Exodus Mission called Restoring the Family.  

This retreat will focus on you and your family. It is highly recommended you bring your spouse as you will both go through understanding each other and the whys to many of the challenges of family life post-military. Your family will never be the same after this retreat. 

The Pursuit of Purpose

After completing the first two retreats your Exodus Misson continues in the last of the retreats. 

During The Pursuit of Purpose retreat, you will be led by the team to discover your newfound identity post-military. You will start to find new purpose in leading your family the way God intended, as He begins to reveal more and more to you. 

The begining of the answers to:

  • Why am I here?
  • Why did I survive and others did not?
  • Who am I when I take off the rank and embrace my Christ-Identity?

Discover more of the possibilities when you attend the Exodus Mission Identity and Purpose retreat.

Each retreat includes

Each Retreat All-Inclusive


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